Month: April 2010

  • Essential Kitchen Tools for Beginners

    Okay, you want to cook like a chef, or impress the geek you’re planning to bring home. The trouble is that while you can buy some delicious food to cook, you really just don’t have the materials in your kitchen to prepare it. So you’ve got this big empty kitchen, and you want to get […]

  • Spring Cleaning!

    A clutter-free home, a clutter-free workspace, and a clutter-free desk all lead to brighter insights, more calm work and play, more attractive spaces for your personal life and your professional endeavors, and all in all give you that sense of calm and relief that come with knowing the only things in your path are the […]

  • 3 Things You Shouldn’t be Afraid to Drop Cash On

    If there’s anything we tend to have a hard time spending money on, fellow geeks, it’s our appearance and our diet. Granted, not all of us have this problem – in fact, it’s taken me a lot of work to overcome some of the old mantras about not really blowing money on the “superficial” things […]

  • Good Tech is Better than More Tech – Part 2: Bargain Hunting

    So now that you’ve determined that you actually need to buy something to streamline or improve your technological life, and you’ve done what I suggested in Part One of our series, “Think Before You Buy,” then you already know what you really need and what you actually want, and the difference between the two. You’ve […]