TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos!

I want to see where you work! Or play, whatever – but let’s get some desktop photo action going on here; and I don’t just mean your actual computer desktop, but what your actual desk looks like.

A lot of us take great pride in our maglie calcio poco prezzo computer setups, or our entertainment setups for that matter, and I want to see yours! To make it worth your while, I’ll give away some prizes while I’m at it to some of the best workstations of the collection!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Snap a photo (or a few photos) of your computer setup!
  2. Become a fan of The Classy Geek on Facebook (assuming you’re on Facebook, that is!)
  3. E-mail those photos (compress, zip, or upload them somewhere if they’re huge) and your name at Facebook to me at alanhenry -at- theclassygeek -dot- com!
  4. ?????
  5. Profit! (Seriously, there’s nothing else you need to do!)

Seriously, that’s it! A trusted panel of classy geeks and I will take a look at the submissions and the three best desktops of the group will win one of these three prizes, courtesy of GelaSkins and Malcolm Fontier:

  • 3rd Runner Up: HP USB Gift Pack, including 1GB USB Flash Drive, Retractable USB-to-Mini USB Cable, 4-in-1 Card Reader, and Mini USB Mouse!
  • 2nd Runner Up: Iron Man and War Machine GelaSkin for the iPod Touch or iPhone!
  • Grand Prize Winner: The iMojito iPhone Wallet from Malcolm Fontier (works with other phones too!)

Full disclosure, the HP gift pack I got as a present at an HP presentation, the GelaSkins were provided in the course of writing a hands-on review of GelaSkins’ new Marvel Collection, and the iMojito Wallet was provided by Malcolm Fontier in the process of writing a hands-on review for our sister site, Gears and Widgets!

That being said though, my review units are your gain! I’ll take workspace submissions through the rest of June and July and close submissions on July 31st, and announce the winner the first week in August.

So what are you waiting for? Pretty up your workspace, set a nice background, grab your camera, and send in your photos!

image in this post courtesy of flickr user jnyemb. ( Home Office [explored])





12 responses to “TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos!”

  1. Tyranny Avatar

    Very cool idea, wish I had something more than a perch.

  2. Alan Henry Avatar

    You don’t have to have a full blown home office to win! Send in photos of that perch! After all, sometimes it’s the small workstations that are the really nice ones!

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  5. Jacques Nyemb Avatar
    Jacques Nyemb

    Aww you used my photo…Now I can’t enter it :(

  6. Alan Henry Avatar

    Hi Jacques, thanks for coming by!

    I really do love the photo, and if you like, I’d be more than happy to consider it an entry to the contest! I have a personal preference for workspaces with views, so yours is one of the best I’ve seen. :)

    Head over to Facebook and add us, or just shoot me an email and I’ll reach out to you to make sure you’re counted! Thanks!

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  8. […] TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos! […]

  9. […] TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos! […]

  10. […] TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos! […]

  11. […] TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos! […]

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