What Can The Classy Geek Do For You?

So with a new year comes new opportunities to make The Classy Geek better than ever, and to help you be more of a classy geek yourself. However, in order to make those things real, I need to know how I can help you!

The Classy Geek already focuses a great deal on food and drink advice, geek culture tidbits like Anime reviews and tips for people who don’t want to hide their geekiness but also don’t want to scare off their dates, and of course, lifestyle advice for those of us who are hopeless when it comes to dressing ourselves or readying ourselves for formal or everyday occasions.

I have every intention of continuing to bring you maglie calcio poco prezzo all of those things in 2011 and then some, but I’m curious to hear from you guys as to what you’d like to see more of and what you’d like to hear about here at The Classy Geek. In other words, how can I help you?

A number of you have provided suggestions in the past for post ideas, and I thank you for them – you’ll see those topics soon. For the rest of you, feel free to leave a comment here to this post, or even send me an email at alanhenry [at] theclassygeek [dot] com to let me know what you think, or even send me your questions that you’d like a classy geek’s take on and I’ll answer them in a post. Thanks for reading!






4 responses to “What Can The Classy Geek Do For You?”

  1. pastilla Avatar

    Lifestyle Topics:

    Etiquette: Thank you notes (written), thank you calls (telephone), thank you emails, thank you texts . . . they aren’t the same: when to use which and why.

    Fashion: Classy Geek summer footwear (ek_man wants to know) . . . targeting the fashion areas that lie somewhere inbetween David Niven and a Jersey Beach guy.

    Efficiency: Organizing Tips and Products for Office/Car (I know you’ve done this before) . . . more ideas how to keep cubicles and small offices clutter free, including using your computer to remind you of upkeep, etc.

    Life Coach: The Out-of-Balance Lifestyle of Geeks . . . late nights, workaholic hours, poor nutrition, limited exercise, poor social skills due to llimited RL face-to-face contact with people . . . how to self-assess and identify when your life needs balance.

    Health: Back/Neck/Eye Health of Geeks . . . how to assess your desk area for neck/back health issues, lighting, etc. There are people who get paid big bucks to personalize executives’ offices so everything is at the right height, etc.

    Safety: Keeping Electronics Safe/Avoiding Fires at Workplace . . . how to make sure your electronics are safe from power surges AND how to plug multiple devices into one light socket without setting your workplace on fire.

  2. sjon Avatar

    Real life.
    You know some people online and after years you get a chance to meet up in Real-Life. What to do/not to do …

    What sports are appropriate to talk about (required to know about) in general company.

    (guess who asks) Anything everything about herbs, vegs and stuff related to kitchens. I would love to learn what the essentials of an American kitchen are.

  3. Alan Henry Avatar

    Hi guys – thanks so much for these suggestions, they’re all great, and you can expect them all to make it into future posts.

    I’m really interested in some of those lifestyle topics, Pastilla – I do admit I’ve been steering clear of a number of fashion topics because I don’t want to do too much Men’s fashion without finding someone who can comment on Women’s fashion, but I’ll remedy that soon.

    Also Sjon – that “real life” topic is a page out of my own life. I think it could go far. Thanks again!

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