Month: March 2011

  • The Geek’s Guide to Picking the Right Shoes

    You’ve asked for it, so now let’s do it: a geek’s guide to picking the right dress shoes! The weather is getting warmer, and you may find yourself needing to put on a suit, or at the very least a shirt and tie (that hopefully we’ve helped pick out) and a pair of slacks, and […]

  • Stay in Touch with The Classy Geek!

    Regardless of how you get your news and how you follow your favorite blogs, The Classy Geek has ways to make sure you get the latest articles and videos! Of course, I love it when you drop by and I love it when you leave comments (keep ’em coming, by the way!) but I know […]

  • The Proper Way to Press and Fold a Dress Shirt

    Brought to you by the same people who did the video we saw a little while back in The Proper Way to Shine Your Shoes, the folks at garraStyle of the sadly defunct style web site have another video that’s as fun to watch as it is enlightening. Now, not all of us have […]

  • The Definitive Guide to Internet Etiquette

    Tempers flare easily on the Web, there’s no doubt about that, and while it can be very tempting (very tempting, trust me) to jump into the fray of an argument or heated discussion or to start one yourself, remember to mind your manners. You’ll far more likely invalidate your own points if you load them […]

  • The Classy Geek Spring Forward Giveaway!

    Spring has sprung, we all lost an hour to the laughing ghost of Benjamin Franklin, and temperatures are starting to rise in most of the northern hemisphere (and especially here at my home in the Ray Ban outlet United States) which means one thing: spring is coming, and there’s nothing any of us can do […]

  • Do Your Part to Help Japan

    For a week now we’ve all been glued to the television – first watching the events unfold as northeast Japan was struck by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake last Friday, and then as the region reeled from the ensuing tsunami that swept over the Japanese coast immediately afterward, and then through the weekend up even through […]

  • The Proper Way to Shine Your Shoes

    I know I mentioned already that I had the opportunity to go on vacation a couple of weeks ago, but if you dive into that piece you’ll find a tidbit about packing uni-tasking items that I’m going to highlight again this week. Like I said in my article, Travel Tips for the Vacation-Bound Geek article, […]

  • Five Gadgets to Keep Your Workspace Organized

    One of the biggest complaints I see when people post photos of their workspaces – usually tidied up a bit for the photo – is that some of the best ones, the most well put together and the most efficient looking ones, can’t possibly be a place where actual work gets done because they’re too […]

  • Classy Quickie – Grilled Cheese Made Great

    Grilled cheese is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest and easiest snacks/dinners to make. It’s ingrained in our culture, it’s simple and easy and quick on the one hand, but it’s also enough of a blank slate that you can do crazy things with the type of cheese you use, the type of bread […]

  • Travel Tips for the Vacation-Bound Geek

    Last week I had the opportunity to take a much deserved vacation – I left the world I knew behind, and thanks to the fabulous folks at my girlfriend’s employer, I was treated to an all-expenses (mostly, anyway) paid cruise of the western Caribbean, with stops in Miami, Key West, and finally in Cozumel, Mexico. […]