Classy Quickie – Grilled Cheese Made Great

Grilled cheese is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest and easiest snacks/dinners to make. It’s ingrained in our culture, it’s simple and easy and quick on the one hand, but it’s also enough of a blank slate that you can do crazy things with the type of cheese you use, the type of bread you use, and the ingredients you stuff into it.

Who among us hasn’t come home one night after a long day (or night) at the office (or out having fun, or worse, stuck in a datacenter doing work that you’ll never be thanked for) wondering how you’re Ray Ban outlet going to feed yourself, only to find the last three things in your fridge are butter, cheese, and bread?

You’re not alone! And you don’t have to have more than just those three things to make a truly epic grilled cheese sandwich. Sure, you can toss in some bacon, you can add some kind of ham or lunch meat, you can use delicious rare cheeses or herbed bread or compound butter, but sometimes? Sometimes you just want bread, and delicious melty, crispy cheese. And this week over at Slate, the fine folks from GastroLab have some help for us.

Head behind the jump to see the video.

Now I have to admit something right here – I’m not a huge fan of crispy cheese, but considering exactly how much they used here, and the fact that what I really like about a grilled cheese – the molten, oozy, salty cheese in and oozing out of the sandwich – is all over the place in this recipe, I’m inclined to give it a try.

Plus, there’s a soft spot in my heart for folks who ray ban da sole outlet use the scientific method and repeatable (as well as delicious) experiments with different results to get where they want to go.

Oh – a note of caution? Be very careful if you try to do what these guys did at home. I mean after all, that was a lot of grease and that flip could have ended badly. Maybe a pair of spatulas or getting a friend to help would be a better idea, and sharing that sandwich with said friend would be better for your health.





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