Month: April 2011

  • The Classy Geek Guest Posts at Lifehacker…Again, Again!

    They like me! They really like me! The fine folks at Lifehacker asked me back to guest post with them again last weekend for a two-fer, as in two weekends in a row, since I guest posted the previous weekend as well! The first time I did so was back in February, if you’ll remember. […]

  • Are Games Like World of Warcraft the Future of Online Dating?

    You know, when I saw this headline, I was pretty skeptical: I assumed it was another linkbait-type fluff piece that was designed to capitalize on the fact that millions of people play World of Warcraft and millions more know about the game and have automatic assumptions about the types of people who play it (few […]

  • 29 Ways to Stay Creative

    One of the best things about writing for Lifehacker these days is that I have the ability to write about some really great topics. After all, I started The Classy Geek because I wanted to build a site that was inspired by Lifehacker, but with a bit of a personal twist to the geeky and […]

  • Tantalus’ Steampunk and Victorian Flasks are Geek Chic

    I have a flask – I keep it full of delicious honey bourbon that I whip out whenever I’m having a really tough day (which isn’t that often) but the knowledge that I even have it is really what keeps my head cool. Now my flask just happens to be one of the many that […]

  • The Classy Geek Guest Posts at Lifehacker…Again!

    The fine folks at Lifehacker were nice enough to ask me back to guest post with them again this weekend (the first time I did so was back in February,) and it was a whirlwind ride through a Sunday filled with awesome, hack-tastic goodness. If you know me at all, follow me on Twitter (@halophoenix) […]

  • Want Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Seafood? Try Mussels!

    I’m very quickly learning that mussels are a delicious treat that more people don’t know about or haven’t tried, so I’m out this week to change that. Not only are they easy and quick to cook, they’re utterly delicious when simmered in a white wine and garlic butter broth (like shown here) or in a […]

  • 5 iPad Cases that don’t Scream ‘I’m an iPad!’

    Let’s face it, if you have an iPad, the last thing you want is for everyone to eye is suspiciously if you bring it with you to a meeting, or to have everyone leering over your shoulder while you’re using it at the coffee shop, dying to ask you “Is that an iPad?” If you […]

  • Make a Greek Frappe Coffee in Less than 5 Minutes

    The weather is definitely getting warmer, and in my neck of the woods the trees are just now starting to sprout buds, flowers, and small leaves. That’s right – spring is most definitely here, and we’re right in the middle of that sweet spot where the weather is nice enough to go outside and enjoy […]

  • ChelPixie: Why You Should Stop Using Your Inbox as a To Do List

    I had been pondering a post on how important it is to get your to-dos out of your email inbox and into something else – anything else really, although different methods work for different people. Before we can get into to-do tools and which services might work for you, the first thing we need to […]

  • Class Up Your Apartment with The Uncommon Green

    Every now and again I stumble on some gear that I really really like: usually because it has personality and interest, but also because it doesn’t betray my geeky sensibilities in the process. After all, it’s that lovely combination that draws me to a lot of the wares at the quintessential geeky general store, ThinkGeek, […]