Class Up Your Apartment with The Uncommon Green

Every now and again I stumble on some gear that I really really like: usually because it has personality and interest, but also because it doesn’t betray my geeky sensibilities in the process. After all, it’s that lovely combination that draws me to a lot of the wares at the quintessential geeky general store, ThinkGeek, but they can’t carry everything, and there are plenty of other stores and new ideas out there to explore.

For example, this week I want to highlight a shop called The Uncommon Green. Located in Boston, Massachusetts, The Uncommon Green is the brainchild of Brian Johnson, an incredibly talented designer who has some beautifully geeky wares that won’t make your apartment look like a mad college professor’s office, if you catch my drift.

For example, this set of Pi Glassware is absolutely stunning, and comes with Pi etched onto the sides of shot glasses, rocks glasses, and pint glasses that you can buy either alone or in a set. Me? I recommend the set, or at least get more than a few rocks glasses so you can share a scotch or a whisky with a friend, you dig?

Let’s look at some more, shall we?

I’m also a huge fan of these martini glasses: they sport beautiful modern design and elegance but they still retain the beautiful lines and imagery that make a martini glass what it is. The exceptionally classy bases though add a sharp and very modern look to them that will make any maglie calcio poco prezzo guest or significant other who stops by for a drink look twice, admire, and very likely comment on their beauty.

Best of all, the prices for all of this beauty are fantastic considering they’re generally custom and hand-made, so there’s no excuse to not add a little style and glass to your geeky domain. I mean seriously, they have a Pi-shaped bottle opener too: it doesn’t get much better than that.





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