Make a Greek Frappe Coffee in Less than 5 Minutes

The weather is definitely getting warmer, and in my neck of the woods the trees are just now starting to sprout buds, flowers, and small leaves. That’s right – spring is most definitely here, and we’re right in the middle of that sweet spot where the weather is nice enough to go outside and enjoy it with a chilled drink.

In a couple more weeks, we’ll be stuck needing that cold drink to go outside anywhere, so why not make the most of the lovely weather without sacrificing your caffeine habit? Don’t get me wrong, there’s a place for iced tea and sodas and other tasty cold drinks, but sometimes an iced coffee hits the spot — and I don’t mean a Starbucks iced coffee either, I’m thinking a nice, freshly shaken Greek frappe.

The best thing about a frappe is that you can make it yourself in a matter of minutes, and all you need to do it is instant coffee (I actually suggest Starbucks Via for this, since it’s probably cheap oakley sunglasses the only palatable instant coffee I can think of,) water, sugar, milk, and of course, ice. Want to see how it’s done? Click the jump for the video.

Delicious, nutritious (if you consider caffeine an essential nutrient, and I certainly do) and most importantly, easy to make.

I have a bar set at home, so I have all of the hardware that’s used for this – including a nice shaker (the tongs may be overkill.) If you don’t, I’d suggest just using some container that has a nice secure lid so you don’t get your instant coffee all over the place when you prepare it. If you’d like to keep a properly stocked bar instead, I suggest the essential bar equipment segment of our bar essentials tutorial?

Now then, hurry out and make yourself a delicious Greek-style frappe. Like I’ve mentioned before in several situations, sure you can just go out and buy one somewhere, but making it yourself is the only way to make sure it’s perfectly suited to your tastes. Tweak it just the way you like – more coffee, less sugar? Sure. More sugar, less milk? Okay. Make it your own, and stay cool.





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