The Classy Geek is Officially On-Board at Lifehacker!

This will be the last “hey go look at Lifehacker” post I share with you, I promise! Here’s why: I’m now officially the weekend writer at Lifehacker, meaning every weekend you’ll find a ton of great posts over there that I think classy geeks like us can use!

You can head over now and see what I posted last weekend, or you can check out my posts feed here.

Now, now – that doesn’t mean The Classy Geek is going Moncler outlet anywhere. I’ll still be here bringing you fresh new material (well, maybe with the exception of these kinds of posts) three times a week, and always looking for your feedback, suggestions, and ideas for new columns. I have plenty of your ideas now, and I’m working slowly through them all.

That said, thanks for your support, thanks for reading, and stick around: we’ll do great things together.






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