Wondering Where The Classy Geek Went? Here’s a Clue…

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I abhor blog posts about why bloggers haven’t been blogging. My philosophy is that if you have words to say, something for your readers to enjoy, just do it – don’t talk about doing it or not doing it or why you haven’t been doing it.

That said though, I think you guys deserve to know where I’ve been the past couple of weeks, and I hope the shot above gives you an idea. I’m moving! Not only that, but keeping things going with the gigs over at Geek.com, ExtremeTech, AppScout, and of course, Lifehacker all take their toll, but they pay the bills.

So don’t you worry. As soon as I’m moved (moving day is this weekend!) and into my Moncler outlet new digs, things will get back to normal here at The Classy Geek, I promise. Stay tuned, I’ve got plans, and I’ll make the wait worthwhile!

In the interim, why not follow me on Twitter? If you talk to me, I’ll talk back – promise.






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