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  • Make a Greek Frappe Coffee in Less than 5 Minutes

    The weather is definitely getting warmer, and in my neck of the woods the trees are just now starting to sprout buds, flowers, and small leaves. That’s right – spring is most definitely here, and we’re right in the middle of that sweet spot where the weather is nice enough to go outside and enjoy […]

  • Classy Quickie – Grilled Cheese Made Great

    Grilled cheese is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest and easiest snacks/dinners to make. It’s ingrained in our culture, it’s simple and easy and quick on the one hand, but it’s also enough of a blank slate that you can do crazy things with the type of cheese you use, the type of bread […]

  • Mark Bittman’s Minimalist Recipes

    Mark Bittman, one of the New York Times‘ food writers, said his farewell to the times about a month ago now after a good solid 13 year run of teaching his readers to eat well, eat intelligently, be in touch with their food, and not to be afraid of it – to cook their own […]

  • Common Wine Questions, Answered!

    I know a lot of wine experts – both personally and indirectly thanks to the power of the Internet, and the vast majority of them are high enough on the ladder of their industry that it’s fair to assume that they know the basics about wine, wine flavors, and varietals. Usually the communities around them […]

  • Stalking the Wild Bean: Zeke’s Sumatra Gayoland

    If there’s anything that I love when I pick up a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans, it’s the ability to tell right from the bag how fresh the beans are. The best roasters put their beans into a bag and stamp it with the date the beans were roasted. This way anyone can pick […]

  • Top 10 Gift Wines for the Holidays

    If you haven’t finished all of your holiday shopping just yet or you know you’ll find yourself at holiday parties very soon and want to impress your host or hostess when you get there, there’s always one thing you can buy — assuming your gift recipient doesn’t have something specifically against it — that’s perfect […]

  • Classy Quickie :: Cooking the Perfect Turkey

    Classy Quickies is a new category that I think I’d like to do a bit more often – especially since the aim is for them to be good, short, quick, and to center around a very specific cheap oakley sunglassescheap oakleys tips or trick, maybe a video, or maybe a blog post elsewhere that I […]

  • 5 Tips for a Classy Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is almost here (and long past for our Canadian neighbors,) and while the traditional image of a Thanksgiving holiday involves a massive dinner table packed corner to corner with food and surrounded by a huge hungry family, for many of us that’s just not how the holiday will play out. Sure, many of us […]

  • Beer and Wine: The Right Glass and the Right Pour Make a Difference

    Who knew the right glass could make all the difference when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment of your favorite beer or wine? Oh wait – I knew, and lots of connoisseurs knew, but I’ll acknowledge that I didn’t know quite to this extent. Granted, my understanding of how different glasses can impact the flavor […]

  • Stalking the Wild Bean: Royal Farms Royal Gourmet

    Funny story: I ran out of coffee at home on Sunday night – fairly late in the evening after stores had closed, and without time to order any from my favorite roaster or head over to the grocery store to get a standby brand that I knew I would enjoy, I stopped by a convenience […]