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  • Happy 1st Birthday to The Classy Geek!

    This week last year, I decided to try a bold new blogging project that was one part GQ, one part Eqsuire, one part Lifehacker, and several parts class. The Classy Geek is designed maglie calcio to give you a source that’s chock full of solid, long-form information that can help you get your act together […]

  • Anime Wednesdays – Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

    This month for Anime Wednesdays I got to thinking first about an anime that was close to my heart that I wanted to share with everyone, but also found myself inspired when I learned that this particular title was finally out on Blu-Ray, although sadly not in the North American region. The story itself is […]

  • Anime Wednesdays: Macross Plus

    In this month’s Anime Wednesdays, I want to cover a title that’s true to its form, amazingly deep, hits a couple points that are ridiculously true and timely, is incredibly well animated, beautiful to watch, fun for just about everyone, and yet came out over 15 years ago. A series so often overlooked and underrated […]

  • Show Off Your Figures the Classy Way!

    Are you a collector and have a bunch of classic action figures that are prized parts of your collection? Maybe you’re an anime fan and you have figures from some of your favorite series or characters around your house or room? Maybe you have some video game figures that came with collectors’ editions of your […]

  • Anime Wednesdays: Paranoia Agent

    What’s that, another new segment? That’s right – for those of you who have been with The Classy Geek from the start, you’ll remember that one of the launch articles was a piece I particularly like called What Does Your First Anime Say About You? In that post, I shared some of my first anime […]

  • Hanging Posters and Wall Art…The Classy Way!

    If you walk into my apartment, the first thing you’ll notice is how much I wear my geek heart on my sleeve. It’s true – I have figures in interesting places around my apartment, prints and art hung up around the living room and the bedroom, and one glance in any direction in my place […]

  • What Does Your First Anime Say About You?

    I’m about to date myself with this column, but one of the best things about being an Anime fan since childhood is that it’s shaped the way I look at the world, view life, and view its possibilities. Don’t believe me? Sure – if you’re not an Anime fan, think about the things you do […]