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  • Classy Quickie :: Why You Need A Pants Hanger in the Kitchen

    A simple pants hanger can actually be a fantastic kitchen tool, one I never really thought would be useful until the fine folks at Chow.com brought it up. You probably won’t want to just leave this hanging around your kitchen, but if you have a nice pants hanger, it can look just as sharp while […]

  • Make Your Own Bacon-Infused Old Fashioned

    I know you love bacon, and I know you love alcohol. This delicious tip will let you put the two together into something that’s absolutely amazing. Seriously, we’re talking about bacon-infused bourbon, which immediately leads to something glorious. The first of which? Bacon-infused bourbon. Not only will it add a touch of salty/savory to your […]

  • How to Make Your Own Homemade Condiments

    In my wanderings around the web for Lifehacker I often stumble on pieces that aren’t quite a great fit there but that I think are still worth reading. Pieces like this slideshow at Saveur about making your own homemade condiments. Everything from Ketchup and mayonnaise to the fancier stuff like making your own Sofrito or […]

  • 5 Simple Knife Safety Tips for the Kitchen

    And we’re back! I won’t say I’m settled in to the new digs yet, there’s a lot of unpacking left to do, but I will say this: I’m much happier where I am. Now then, that’s not what you’re here for though – so let’s get on with it! One of the things you do […]

  • How Not to Screw Up Roast Chicken

    Now I love roast chicken. A lot. It’s easy, it’s flavorful, it’s so simple to make and so delicious when it comes out right…but here’s the catch; it’s also really easy to screw up. A lot of people simply don’t bother with roast chicken and go to their local grocery store or rotisserie to pick […]

  • The Classy Geek Guest Posts at Lifehacker…Again, Again!

    They like me! They really like me! The fine folks at Lifehacker asked me back to guest post with them again last weekend for a two-fer, as in two weekends in a row, since I guest posted the previous weekend as well! The first time I did so was back in February, if you’ll remember. […]

  • The Classy Geek Guest Posts at Lifehacker…Again!

    The fine folks at Lifehacker were nice enough to ask me back to guest post with them again this weekend (the first time I did so was back in February,) and it was a whirlwind ride through a Sunday filled with awesome, hack-tastic goodness. If you know me at all, follow me on Twitter (@halophoenix) […]

  • Want Healthy, Sustainable, Delicious Seafood? Try Mussels!

    I’m very quickly learning that mussels are a delicious treat that more people don’t know about or haven’t tried, so I’m out this week to change that. Not only are they easy and quick to cook, they’re utterly delicious when simmered in a white wine and garlic butter broth (like shown here) or in a […]

  • Make a Greek Frappe Coffee in Less than 5 Minutes

    The weather is definitely getting warmer, and in my neck of the woods the trees are just now starting to sprout buds, flowers, and small leaves. That’s right – spring is most definitely here, and we’re right in the middle of that sweet spot where the weather is nice enough to go outside and enjoy […]

  • Classy Quickie – Grilled Cheese Made Great

    Grilled cheese is, without a doubt, one of the tastiest and easiest snacks/dinners to make. It’s ingrained in our culture, it’s simple and easy and quick on the one hand, but it’s also enough of a blank slate that you can do crazy things with the type of cheese you use, the type of bread […]