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  • Happy 1st Birthday to The Classy Geek!

    This week last year, I decided to try a bold new blogging project that was one part GQ, one part Eqsuire, one part Lifehacker, and several parts class. The Classy Geek is designed maglie calcio to give you a source that’s chock full of solid, long-form information that can help you get your act together […]

  • Good Tech is Better than More Tech – Part 3: Smart Upgrades

    The temptation is strong to just buy anything and everything shiny that you may find and like the moment it comes out. Trust me, I understand this temptation. But resist, my friends! Resist! We’ve left the Good Tech is Better than More Tech series by the wayside for a couple of months, and in that […]

  • Debunking the Myth of the “Nice Guy”

    When I launched The Classy Geek I promised to help you get your act together, and to help you learn from some of my mistakes and some of the mistakes that I commonly see out there in the wild amongst our geeky brethren. This is a big one: the “nice guy” who perpetually finishes last, […]

  • Good Tech is Better Than More Tech – Part 1: Think Before You Buy

    We’ve mentioned in the past why you should get rid of your old technology – it’s essentially a weight that’s holding you down and keeping you from eliminating the clutter that I know we all have in our lives, and we’ve also discussed some of the things you can do with that old gear if […]