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  • The Geek’s Guide to Picking the Right Shoes

    You’ve asked for it, so now let’s do it: a geek’s guide to picking the right dress shoes! The weather is getting warmer, and you may find yourself needing to put on a suit, or at the very least a shirt and tie (that hopefully we’ve helped pick out) and a pair of slacks, and […]

  • The Proper Way to Shine Your Shoes

    I know I mentioned already that I had the opportunity to go on vacation a couple of weeks ago, but if you dive into that piece you’ll find a tidbit about packing uni-tasking items that I’m going to highlight again this week. Like I said in my article, Travel Tips for the Vacation-Bound Geek article, […]

  • Ties: Revisited – Picking the Right Tie: Part II

    Ever since the launch of The Classy Geek, one of the most popular articles on the site is my first: A Geek’s Guide to Picking the Right Tie. Since then, I’ve gotten comments and e-mails asking me to revisit the topic and help hammer home a few points that I didn’t address in the original […]

  • A Geek’s Guide to Picking the Right Tie

    Resist, my friends – resist the urge to pick up that 8-bit tie (although it is awesome…maybe you can wear it in like-minded company) or wear the striped one that has colors that don’t exist in nature with your solid-color suit. Resist, my fellow geeks, the urge to raid your father’s closet and come out […]