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  • Beer and Wine: The Right Glass and the Right Pour Make a Difference

    Who knew the right glass could make all the difference when it comes to maximizing your enjoyment of your favorite beer or wine? Oh wait – I knew, and lots of connoisseurs knew, but I’ll acknowledge that I didn’t know quite to this extent. Granted, my understanding of how different glasses can impact the flavor […]

  • Classy Gear: Gear We Like – July 2010

    For this month’s Classy Gear column, I wanted to highlight a couple of products that have been newly released this month, and a few other products I’ve had the opportunity to demo and try out for some of the other publications that I write for. Expect linking to full reviews in a few other locations, […]

  • TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos!

    I want to see where you work! Or play, whatever – but let’s get some desktop photo action going on here; and I don’t just mean your actual computer desktop, but what your actual desk looks like. A lot of us take great pride in our maglie calcio poco prezzo computer setups, or our entertainment […]

  • Mobile Apps to Find The Haps

    Looking for a good time? No, seriously – are you looking for an easy way to find out what’s going on in your neighborhood or downtown and then head there to get out, see some live music, maybe have a drink, or find a place to go with friends? Well, sure – if you want, […]

  • Cut Through Phone Menus and IVRs with Style

    Not every tip or trick is about helping you look good, smell good, know the difference between good food and bad food, or good drinks and bad drinks. I know where you’re coming from – if we all had the time to spend learning about the things we want to know about, you wouldn’t need […]