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  • Stalking the Wild Bean: Zeke’s Sumatra Gayoland

    If there’s anything that I love when I pick up a bag of fresh roasted coffee beans, it’s the ability to tell right from the bag how fresh the beans are. The best roasters put their beans into a bag and stamp it with the date the beans were roasted. This way anyone can pick […]

  • Stalking the Wild Bean: Royal Farms Royal Gourmet

    Funny story: I ran out of coffee at home on Sunday night – fairly late in the evening after stores had closed, and without time to order any from my favorite roaster or head over to the grocery store to get a standby brand that I knew I would enjoy, I stopped by a convenience […]

  • Stalking the Wild Bean: Whiff Roasters Papua New Guinea

    If you’re like me – or like most geeks – a good cup of coffee is one of your greatest joys in life. Granted, part of it is that a good cup of coffee is a caffeinated powerhouse that gets our days started and keeps our engines running on all cylinders over the course of […]