The Classy Geek Goes to CES!

Ah, the Consumer Electronics Show – the annual must-see gathering of technology industry representatives, technology lovers, geeks, journalists, bloggers, and personalities alike…and for CES 2010, The Classy Geek himself! That’s right – in just a few short days I’ll be on a flight to beautiful Las Vegas to rub shoulders with the technocrati and more importantly check out some of the shiny new technologies that may be decorating your living room before this time next year – and probably some others that won’t be (even though they should) and even more that should never ever see the light of day again.

There’s probably way more of the convention than I’ll be able to see in the few short days that the show will run (I’ve been told that there’s more than anyone could possibly really see and absorb even if the conference were twice as long as it is) but I’ll definitely give it a go. That also means we’ll be back to our classy selves next week when I’m back on a red eye flight from Vegas to catch up with everyone. However, the important thing to note is that CES is a huge show for tech fans and lifestyle lovers alike, and there’ll be plenty to see and report on for the site here. Expect to see some CES coverage either during or just after the show!

And in the interim, if there’s anything specific you’d love to see me bring to the table here while at CES 2010, give me a shout in the comments!







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  1. Rachel Avatar

    I’m so jealous…

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