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  • ChelPixie: Why You Should Stop Using Your Inbox as a To Do List

    I had been pondering a post on how important it is to get your to-dos out of your email inbox and into something else – anything else really, although different methods work for different people. Before we can get into to-do tools and which services might work for you, the first thing we need to […]

  • The Definitive Guide to Internet Etiquette

    Tempers flare easily on the Web, there’s no doubt about that, and while it can be very tempting (very tempting, trust me) to jump into the fray of an argument or heated discussion or to start one yourself, remember to mind your manners. You’ll far more likely invalidate your own points if you load them […]

  • Create an Elegant, Simple Landing Page with About.Me

    If you’re wary of making your Facebook profile public or you don’t feel like putting all of the time and energy into building your own Web site just to stake your claim on the Internet or make a digital business card for yourself, you might think you’re out of luck. If you’re more a technology […]

  • Classy Resolutions to Start the New Year!

    2011 is just around the corner, and while everyone’s certainly making their own New Year’s resolutions – or at least thinking about some of the things they’d like from the new year and behaviors they’d like to change, here at The Classy Geek I decided to think hard about some of the things I’d like […]

  • The Classy Geek’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

    it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s about time to start thinking about what you’ll be putting under the tree or picking up for your loved ones now that it’s gift-giving season. Also, if you find yourself shopping for a classy geek this holiday season or you just want some ideas to […]

  • Good Tech is Better than More Tech – Part 3: Smart Upgrades

    The temptation is strong to just buy anything and everything shiny that you may find and like the moment it comes out. Trust me, I understand this temptation. But resist, my friends! Resist! We’ve left the Good Tech is Better than More Tech series by the wayside for a couple of months, and in that […]

  • 5 Easy Tips for a Better Workspace

    If you’re setting up a new workspace at home from scratch, moving to a new desk at the office, or even just pondering giving your workstation a makeover and maybe giving your working routine a breath of fresh air, this week I want to may out some tips and tricks that can help you do […]

  • The Future is Now! – Take Your Tech, Stay in Touch

    There’s no reason to be chained to a desk these days. From smartphones to iPads to netbooks to an entire category of laptops called “Thin-and-Light” devices, there are very few reasons to be pinned to a desktop computer these days, and while I don’t necessarily advocate ditching all of your desktops for laptops instead, (unless […]

  • Tips for Living the Multi-Display Life

    Admittedly, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already the type of user who’s rocking more than one display with your desktop or laptop at home or the office, or possibly both in both locations. I know I am – and I’d never go back. I have a pair of 24″ displays on my desktop PC […]

  • Mobile Apps to Find The Haps

    Looking for a good time? No, seriously – are you looking for an easy way to find out what’s going on in your neighborhood or downtown and then head there to get out, see some live music, maybe have a drink, or find a place to go with friends? Well, sure – if you want, […]