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Regardless of how you get your news and how you follow your favorite blogs, The Classy Geek has ways to make sure you get the latest articles and videos! Of course, I love it when you drop by and I love it when you leave comments (keep ’em coming, by the way!) but I know everyone likes to get their news differently.

So to that end, a quick recap of how you can keep up with the news here, especially as I expand and offer more topics, video, and articles each week:

If you prefer the 140-character limit of Twitter, there’s a couple of options for you there! You can follow me directly at @halophoenix for a more personal look at The Classy Geek as well as to be notified when new stories are posted, or you can follow @novawerks to just see the stream of stories and articles that I write, updated as those posts go live: including articles here at The Classy Geek!

If you’re an avid Facebook user and spend more time logged in to Facebook than you do checking your e-mail, head over to The Classy Geek’s Facebook Page and Like us to get each new story delivered to your news feed as soon as it’s posted!

Of course, for those of you using Google Reader or an RSS aggregator, we have an RSS feed that you’re more than welcome to Moncler online make use of – and the feed should support the bulk of the post, not just the title (I know a number of RSS fans hate that.)

And of course, there’s the old fashioned way: drop me a line directly at alanhenry [at] theclassygeek [dot] com if you have questions, suggestions, want to submit your question for an Ask The Classy Geek column, want to advertise with us/hire me to write for you, or just want to say hello. My inbox is always open!






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