29 Ways to Stay Creative

One of the best things about writing for Lifehacker these days is that I have the ability to write about some really great topics. After all, I started The Classy Geek because I wanted to build a site that was inspired by Lifehacker, but with a bit of a personal twist to the geeky and the elegant.

One of the topics I wrote about this weekend are some great simple ways to stay creative. This one kind of rang very true with me: after all, I run up against writer’s block somewhat regularly, since I spend so much time writing.

So when this piece, called 29 Ways to Stay Creative crossed my desk, I was particularly interested. Some of them are really interesting, and some of them are things I do already: things like “drink coffee.” You all know already how I feel about coffee.

Some of them, however, are particularly interesting, and helpful when it comes to staying inspired. Let’s take a look.

One of my favorites on the list is to “Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes,” which I think is particularly useful. After all, not everything is a hit: not every thing you write will get a Moncler outlet ton of comments. Not every story you publish will make your editor happy. Not every song you write will be a hit, and not every piece of art you draw will be well received by your fans. That leads to another great one: “Get Feedback.”

Seriously – if you don’t want to hear bad things about the work you do, there’s a simple way to get around that: never publish. Getting feedback is central to producing anything, whether you’re a writer for fun or profit or you’re a paper pusher in a soulless office. One way or the other, you’ll never get better at what you do until someone helps identify what you’re doing wrong and how you can improve.

Head over to Lifehacker and take a look – think about some of the way you like to stay inspired when you’re feeling down, or you’re hitting a bad bout of writer’s block. How do you stay motivated when you’re starting to feel uninspired? Do you look for something else to do, or do you have a trick that tends to get your head in the game again?





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