Classy Quickie :: Why You Need A Pants Hanger in the Kitchen

A simple pants hanger can actually be a fantastic kitchen tool, one I never really thought would be useful until the fine folks at brought it up. You probably won’t want to just leave this hanging around your kitchen, but if you have a nice pants hanger, it can look just as sharp while you’re cooking as a fancy or expensive cookbook stand, and it’s even more out of the way. Check out the video behind the jump.

Like Senior Features Editor Roxanne Webber explains in this video, this won’t work for thick, or hard-bound cookbooks that won’t fit into the clamps of a hanger, but if you replica Oakleys have a magazine recipe you want to make, or a simple printout of a recipe from the web, this will keep the recipe out of your hands, close to eye level, and hey – if you happen to have someone else in the kitchen with you lending you a hand (and honestly folks, nothing’s more romantic than cooking with someone else) – it’s a great way to share the recipe while keeping your hands free. To cook, of course!






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