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  • Classy Gear – Gear We Like: September 2010

    This month’s Classy Gear is more of a hodgepodge of goodies you can pick up for yourself on any budget – and in keeping with theme from our last post, 5 Easy Tips for a Better Workspace, there are a few goodies in here to help you keep your workspace nice and tidy and organized […]

  • 5 Easy Tips for a Better Workspace

    If you’re setting up a new workspace at home from scratch, moving to a new desk at the office, or even just pondering giving your workstation a makeover and maybe giving your working routine a breath of fresh air, this week I want to may out some tips and tricks that can help you do […]

  • Classy Gear – Gear We Like: August 2010

    For this month’s Classy Gear, I wanted to highlight a few things that are worth considering as you’re headed back to school or back to class if you’re headed back to the classroom. Even if you’re not, I also wanted to focus on a few things that can help you remain a constant student, or […]

  • Winners of The Classy Geek’s Call for Workspaces Contest!

    This week I’m more than pleased to announce the winners of The Classy Geek’s Call for Workspaces Contest! Over a month ago, I asked you to send in photos of your workspace, whether it’s at home or the office, decked out in technology or bare, personal or utilitarian – I wanted to see the world […]

  • Classy Gear: Gear We Like – July 2010

    For this month’s Classy Gear column, I wanted to highlight a couple of products that have been newly released this month, and a few other products I’ve had the opportunity to demo and try out for some of the other publications that I write for. Expect linking to full reviews in a few other locations, […]

  • One Week Left to Enter TCG’s Call for Workspaces Contest!

    So far, I’ve gotten a number of entries for The Classy Geek’s Call for Workspaces Contest, and the submissions look good, so there’s some stiff competition for the top three prizes! That doesn’t mean the contest is all sewn up though – there’s still a week left to send in your entries, so make sure […]

  • Classy Gear: Gear We Like – June 2010

    A quick poll over at Twitter (you can follow me as @halophoenix) revealed a number of people with interest in a regular feature that showed off some “Classy Gear;” gadgets, media, peripherals, or other hotness that can make your life easier, help you get stuff done, help you optimize or organize your space, or are […]

  • TCG Call for Workspaces: Send In Your Desktop Photos!

    I want to see where you work! Or play, whatever – but let’s get some desktop photo action going on here; and I don’t just mean your actual computer desktop, but what your actual desk looks like. A lot of us take great pride in our maglie calcio poco prezzo computer setups, or our entertainment […]

  • Good Tech is Better than More Tech – Part 2: Bargain Hunting

    So now that you’ve determined that you actually need to buy something to streamline or improve your technological life, and you’ve done what I suggested in Part One of our series, “Think Before You Buy,” then you already know what you really need and what you actually want, and the difference between the two. You’ve […]

  • CES 2010: Carry Your Mobile Phone in Style

    One of the things that a lot of technologists will wave off about the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week is the sheer abundance of mobile phone carriers, cases, shells, and other protective products. There are probably more companies out there making products for you to carry your iPhone, Palm Pre, Motorola […]